This is a remedial college that was established in the year 2013 to equip students with requisite techniques to help them remedy some of their subjects they failed during the WASSCE Examinations.

The name ‘’Ultimate’’ means final and the best, and since this college was established, it has attracted people from all over the country. The pass rate has been very high and the college that started with 47 students has now gotten 649 candidates.

Classes begins from 4pm to 8pm between Monday to Friday. The ultimate remedial school has its own Nov/Dec Exams Centre and the teachers are also invigilators.

The Ultimate Remedial School has a standard hostel facilities, well stocked library, a barbering shop, hair dressing saloon, a bus for excursion to places of interest, a super market and a mini local market to purchase their foodstuffs.

Last year, all the 154 students who registered in Mathematics and Science had between A1 – C6, with most students obtaining A1 in Maths and Science. This is the reason why the school’s population increased from 154 to 649.

It is very clear now that, the ultimate remedial college has overtaken the three leading remedial colleges in Ghana, thus Ideal College, Action Remedial and Elite College. This is because, none of the above colleges had even 300 students this year.

Everything points to a fact that the remedial school population will reach our 1000 students target that we’ve set for ourselves.

The Ultimate Remedial School will be opening branches at Mankessim, Dunkwa-On-Offin, Cape Coast and New Edubiase next year, 2018.

The Ultimate Remedial School persues all programs, thus General Arts, Business, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Visual Art, General Science and Technical.

The classrooms are fully air conditioned to enhance peaceful teaching and learning environment. Students are given Exeats only on Fridays and the campus is walled. Unlike other remedial schools where students are allowed outside to do anything.

Intermittent Examinations and quizzes are organised after every session (topic) to ascertain the level of the understanding of the topic, students who fails to do such assignments are penalized.

There is a school clinic, with a resident nurse who attends to the health needs of the students. This service is free, the fees charged by the school is lowest in the whole country, the hostel fee is also affordable.

The college is headed by James Freeman Acquah who holds BSc. in Chemical Engineering.

Ultimate Remedials: You Can’t Fail.